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Electronic Systems & Integrations

Electronic Systems & Integrations

We are aiming to capitalize on the Industry 4.0 revolution by working on vision and robotics systems. We are a company built on strong foundations, which is mainly focused on technology and product development in the fields of robotics and mechatronics. Our aim is not only to follow the innovations that have already started to change the world, but also to develop them, thus being a pioneer in the industry. We are aware of the need to produce technology instead of only utilizing it. Therefore, we embody the abilities that are related to vision and robotics and keep them up-to-date. We match these technologies up with our customers with efficiency and effectiveness in accordance with their needs.


Posemate® Visual Real Time Localization Systems (V-RTLS)

Assembly stations demand accurate tool positioning to ensure products are assembled within acceptable tolerances. To ensure such accuracy, objects or human motions need to be tracked and guided operations are completed in correct sequence. In many automotive and aerospace applications failure to conduct operations in correct order even results in scrapping/rework of highly valuable intermediary products. Preventing these scraps or reworks will result in increased sustainability and quality.

The Posemate® system has completed Phase 1 tests in Stellantis Bursa facilities (TOFAŞ).

Our V-RTLS systems offer 3D real-time object localization with high accuracy. Our hardware and integrated software provides monitoring and error prevention for assembly stations in many industries including automotive and aerospace.

Sample use cases include position monitoring of screwdriver positions so that they are tightened in right order and torque. For example, V-RTLS can be used for automotive engine block or chassis assembly operations.

Further usage scenarios include hand-tracking so pick and place operations become error–proof. The right goods can be picked from and placed in the right position by utilizing hand-tracking technology.

These systems can even be integrated with augmented reality systems to further assist workers.

High Precision Laser Triangulation Systems

Laser triangulation systems (laser profilometers) are utilized in many industries, mainly tire manufacturing, white goods, automotive etc. These systems provide product quality control in various phases of the production process by means of high precision measurements as low as micron level.

We also offer custom designed profilometers for customers who face challenging range and precision requirements. Our advanced post-processing algorithms offer measurements to be analyzed and reported so that decision makers can locate sources of quality unconformities.

By integrating these devices on robots and integrating with advanced point cloud and image processing software, further inspection tasks can be performed and the sky will be the limit.

Intelligent Crimp Quality Control System

This system is designed to inspect crimped terminals. A high resolution camera eliminates the need of the human eye to detect defects. Defects that can be detected include but are not limited to:

  • One strand out
  • Low conductor
  • High insulation
  • Insulation barrel errors
  • Seal insert errors

The system is also able to learn from terminal samples that are miscrimped, eliminating the need for a machine vision specialist to add control types.

One additional benefit of this system is that it does not need to be mounted on an automated feeding system, therefore it is suitable for manual crimping operations. The operator can simply feed the terminal to the machine and it will do all control operations.


Product Development

Along with improvements in technology, end user products now consist of different elements from various disciplines such as electronics, mechanics, and software. In this context we are able to develop products using state of the art CAD/CAE solutions. We are seeking to offer cost-effective and practical solutions by integrating current technology according to customer needs.

We create systems by considering the user experience in every stage. From hardware to software, we place emphasis on the systems to not only work in accordance with the requirements but also to be user-driven.

Machine Vision Solutions
We implement machine vision applications which not only process images but also convert images into interpretable data for different systems. We offer software either standalone or hardware solutions such as localization, quality control, identification (face, text, handwriting, shape, etc.), measurement, color detection, object counting, etc. Furthermore, we are able to integrate these solutions to robotics/mechatronics systems or convert them into mobile applications that can function on tablets and mobile phones. Strategic concepts, like smart factories and the internet of things, arose with the fourth industrial revolution. The importance of machine vision is increasing every day with new generation robots. We know self-learning and state-of-the-art systems, rather than conventional systems, will gear up with emerging needs. Accordingly, it is a part of our vision to offer futuristic solutions that combine applications with deep learning algorithms that put deep learning into practice
Embedded Systems Solutions

One means of arranging a robotic system where a lot of different subsystems work together is reliable embedded system programming. Thus, we develop embedded systems for different platforms. We are able to integrate all components of those systems that require interaction with humans and the environment and make them work in harmony.

Systems Engineering

We have the required systems engineering know-how in all stages, from conceptual design to end user, for the best product development in today’s high technological and complex systems.

In order to fulfill customer demands, it is crucial to follow a systematic plan so all resources, time being the first, will be used in the most productive way. We accomplish and exceed customer requirements by managing operations efficiently and accurately.

We Are Experts

We hold expertise in providing Electronics Cards Repairing Services that are executed by skilled technocrats. We are confident that we can repair and refurbish your electronic equipment and we will not charge you a dime, should their engineers not be capable of finding the fault. We also offer free of charge inspection for all jobs we are handed over.

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