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Posemate® Completes Phase 1 Tests in Stellantis Bursa Facilities

Our high precision position tracking (RTLS) solution Posemate® has completed its fully integrated automovie assemply line test scenarios. During these tests, our solution overcame many difficulties arising from both human and production line errors. Now many assembly errors are prevented thanks to our high precision tool tracking ability. Whenever a tool attempts to tighten a bolt in the wrong order, our system reports this to the assembly line control system and the process is corrected.

With its advanced image processing technology, Posemate® provides unmatched localization accuracy when compared to RF-based systems (i.e. UWB). Be it an industrial power tool or a simple hand operation, Posemate® will guarantee your equipment is in the right place at the right time, preventing scraps and improving your efficiency.


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