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The vertical-axis 4Power Generator is the newest development of ELECTROSA GROUP.

It has no vibrations, infrasound and starts to rotate at 0 m/s wind speed, reaches nominal (rated/plate) power output at 5 m/s and unlike traditional turbines continues to generate more and more energy till wind speed reaches 80 m/s.

It starts to generate electricity at very low wind speed, even if the wind speed is 0 m/s, it will still rotate with magnetic energy. You will have slow, but steady energy flow starting from 5 m/s. It also starts to generate almost the same amount of electricity out of solar energy from sunrise till sunset. When turbine starts to rotate, it will start to create and collect the static electric. So, this innovation uses 4 different natural energy sources to produce electricity.

Simple, no-friction construction minimizes maintenance and repair downtime, increases life span and efficiency overall.


New ways of generating energy is the main focus of our era for a better, sustainable and livable world. To help a cause and serve we invented 4Power so it will generate the energy you need.


Overall, 4 power generation is an invention that will lead the way in green energy technology.

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