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Retail analytics


SMART TECHNOLOGIES CORP is a new member of Electrosa Group.
Smart Technologies Corp. develops Neural Networks – Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning technologies.
STOHI is a state of the art technology for your people/space analytic solutions.
STOHI is a hardware and software combination that uses advance algorithms to capture accurate people/space data.

STOHI COUNTER DEVICES are equipped with above industry-standard technologies such as People Counter, Face Recognition, Heat Map, Queue Management, and Night Vision.
People Counting

With 99% people count accuracy STOHI Boomerang not only counts people. Its advance computer vision technology  recognizes 106 key points on body. STOHI technology is able to perform under various problematics situations such as ; Problematic angles, body expression, occlusion, blur, extreme light condition.

Stereo Depth Cameras

Stereo image sensing technologies use two cameras to calculate depth and enable devices to see, understand, interact with, and learn from their environment. Depth cameras in the STOHI Bomerang family work both indoors and outdoors in a wide variety of lighting conditions and can also be used in multiple camera configurations without the need for custom calibration.


A revolutionary solid state LiDAR for a new family of high quality depth cameras. LiDAR Sensor on STOHI Boomerang uses an advanced MEMS mirror to scan the scene. This method enables the reduction of the laser pulse power for efficient high-resolution LiDAR in a small form factor.

Incredible High Roi

Boomerang is so capable and beneficial for your business that it will increase your conversion rate and ROI so much in a very short time.

State Of The Art Algorithms

Our robust architecture demonstrates high performance using various machine learning algorithms. Our unique image processing system is embedded with a deep neural network. It performs  2 to 5 times better and faster than any other industry leading platform.

Computer Vision in Robotics

A revolution in how robots see the world. Lightweight, low power and easy to use depth cameras that give robots the ability to navigate landscapes, avoid obstacles and recognize objects, people and more.

Smart Demographics

accurately recognizes the gender, age, gesture and other physiological characteristics of people in video by analyzing pedestrian’s body structure.

Smart Data

platform generates insights on customer trends, by analysis customer count, customer walk bys, weather patterns, people/space traffic. This information can then be used for future planning and optimization.

Always Connected

is always on and storing valuable data. You can access the platform at any time to view real-time progress.

Aws Cloud&Api

Providing data output in all formats.  Flexible and customizable UI makes it easy for managers to analyze the insights.

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