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Electrosa Group’s core technologies are ready for development in the Web 3.0 and metaverse space. We are pioneers in multiple specialities in the robotics industry and will help lead the next generation of the internet and global communications overall.

Synergy within A.I & Robotics and improved quality of product, work, and life is our success metric for all projects involving Electrosa. We believe that for humanity to move forward in the next 100 years scalable sustainability through robotics and A.I. will be required for automation and Electrosa Group will always be strategically ready to answer the call.

There are many established industry products and specialized devices in stores, shopping malls, banks, libraries, etc. Some even offer specialized features like high-quality imaging and video processing. Unfortunately, businesses cannot store this data nor produce enough meaningful results from the within the time frame allowed to retain the data. The Electrosa Group team are experts in processing human movement analysis, age, gender classification and human count. We developed software and hardware with image processing and deep learning techniques. With this technique, a lot of meaningful data is extracted, and this data will be integrated into Electrosa Group’s core business intelligence services.

We use convolutional neural networks and deep neural network topologies as well as machine learning algorithms within all projects at Electrosa Group. Thanks to this common usage, the speed of the classical algorithms and the successful classification of deep learning make it possible to perform image analysis with high performance values. Real-time large image processing capability has been achieved by utilizing the arm processor and parallel programming technology of embedded devices.

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